Opened in 2010, Ferrari World, characterized by a huge red roof structure, is that the world's largest indoor funfair. It conferred Associate in Nursing branch of knowledge challenge on all levels. thanks to its scale, the situation, and therefore the purpose a revolutionary style answer was needed. ArcelorMittal's International Construction comes Team provided technical help and experience - and hollow steel merchandise for the roof structure.


Sitting to a lower place its painting red roof within the heart of Yas Island, the world’s 1st Ferrari amusement park is largest attraction of its kind. The park pays tribute to the brand: the fervour, excellence, performance, and technical innovation that Ferrari has established over the years and represents these days.

To house this progressive leisure attraction, world celebrated subject field firm Benoy created a building to replicate the curved sort of a Ferrari, directly impressed by the classic double curve facet profile of the Ferrari GT body.


Due to the form of the island and therefore the location of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi in shut proximity to the field, the building was formed as a really straightforward ‘ground hugging’ type, peeling up from the landscape in flowing lines sort of a red dune. The visually distinctive type and form crowns the Yas docking facility Circuit and thanks to its location, the sleek form and wonder of the building is visible for anyone driving past or flying over the island. The building may be a true subject field expression of the values of the Ferrari complete itself.
The building offers a complete usable area of 176 000 money supply on 3 levels on a plot mensuration quite 700 000 money supply, with the particular amusement park providing eighty six 000 money supply. The building stands fifty m on top of water level, whereas the central shot ride reaches sixty two.5 m and is that the highest allowable structure within the space of the field.
CONSTRUCTION OF FERRARI WORLD The iconic roof The total surface of the roof is quite two hundred 000 money supply, with a diametre of quite 700 metres and a 2200-metre perimeter. The Ferrari brand on the roof is sixty five m long and with a complete of 3000 money supply is that the biggest Ferrari brand ever created. The expansive, 48-metre-high roof structure is punctuated by a massive glazed crystal-like funnel mensuration one hundred metres in diameter at the highest, destruction to only a 17-metre diameter at its base. The central funnel roof is supported on twelve primary columns that type a 12-point Arabic star pattern that's wont to describe the first pure mathematics of the general roof area and extends intent on meet the first raked protect facade. The steel roof is extremely insulated, and therefore the main facade is created of economical glass to scale back the thermal masses and glare. Apart from the steel tubes for the roof supporting area structure, ArcelorMittal provided the organic coated steel for the metal decking: Hairplus® 25/10 coated steel was used for the ninety one 000 money supply of perforated sheets and Hairexcel® 60/15 for the ninety five hundred money supply of non-perforated sheets. what is more, ArcelorMittal's International Construction comes Team provided technical help. More than twelve 000 tonnes of steel were used for the roof structure that was finished a small amount quite a year once the development started. the development of the full building was finished in 2 years. Brand amusement park Ferrari World Abu Dhabi offers quite twenty rides inlcuding the world's quickest roller coaster: Formula Rossa. it's the most feature on the 2500-hectare Yas Island dedicated to leisure, amusement, and life style within the UAE.

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